[200528] Su no Manma

Members: Sakuma Daisuke, Abe Ryohei

Sakuma started the conversation saying that he and Abe travel together quite often. When they went to Hawai together earlier, Abe-chan's mom asked them to buy a kind of superfood. To buy the superfood, they had to cycle their rental bike through about two mountains. Abe-chan answered that he didn't even know why he decided to go through the trouble.

Sakuma said that in the end, it's a good thing. Abe agreed to the sentiment and added that he feels like he's going on an adventure. Sakuma said that he hasn't ridden the bike for a long time too (so it feels good).

The story then continues with Abe telling the story about Sakuma fell down from the rental bike. It was a kind of a slope, and Sakuma suddenly felt like he dropped his cellphone from his pocket so he suddenly hit the bike brake. When he did that, he fell and rolled on the ground. Sakuma said that him falling down follows a "something" law, which Abe answered that it could the inertia law that he tried to refer to.

After all the hard work obtaining it, the two got back from Hawaii bringing the superfood that according to Abe's Mom to only sold in that certain store in Hawaii. In about three weeks after they arrived back in Tokyo, the superfood is started to be sold in Tokyo, which made Abe questioned their arduous bike journey.

At the very end of the conversation, they talk about how big the supermarket in Hawaii is compared to Japan and how everything is sold in bigger packaging.

Abe and Sakuma went to Hawaii in 2017? I think? And only the two of them went, not the whole group.

With Abe and Sakuma, they are so eager to talk to each other, so the sentences are short! Which is good because I can understand easily... but writing it down is a different thing...

[200430] Su no Manma

Members present: Watanabe Shota, Raul

A listener sends a mail in which they have to change their clothes to uniform at work. There are times, however, while changing pants, their underpants also got lowered*. The listener asks whether such kind of mishaps ever happened to Snow Man.

Raul started with his story. At Snow Man concert, there are a lot of times where they have to change clothes quickly, and when that happens they would do it with full force. But, as his body grows bigger, there are times where part of his clothes rip. When that happens he tries to hide the rip so that the audience wouldn't be able to see.

Shota continues with his story. As everyone is changing clothes in the same room, there are times where they wear clothes from other members, for example, when he wears the shoes, he feels that it's too big. Raul agreeing with the story and added that during Kabuki, he got to wear a pair of shoes that is too small. But, as they have to change quickly there is no other choice but to wear it. Raul thinks that it's probably Fukka's shoes, as Fukka then exclaimed that his shoes are so big.

Shota adds more stories that involve Abe. In an earlier concert, there are times where everyone should be wearing the same set of costumes, but Abe would come out to the stage wearing the costume that has to be worn for the next part of the concert. As an analogy, when everyone has to wear red, Abe came out to the stage wearing blue. The most important part is that, even that it is very noticeable, Abe himself did not realize that he wore the wrong costume. Because of that, the other members** has to perform while holding back their laugh. According to Raul, this kind of mishaps feels like something that Abe would do. Which made Shota exclaim that the gap (between Abe's intelligent image and his clumsiness) is actually cute and interesting.

* I assume the listener change their uniform in the locker room which is shared with other employees? That's why lowering their underpants would be very embarassing.
** Seems like it's the other 5? Since Raul seems to listen to it for the first time.

Sunou Tamayuki!

Since it is Tamayuki-chan birthday tomorrow, this is my translation to the official bio~

Name: 素能 玉雪 (Sunou Tamayuki)*
Ability/Skill: Make snow falls when not in season
Personality: Even when slipping, keep standing up
Talking habit: Ending sentences with "suno"
Hobby: Lock on people's feeling**
Hated things: Bonfire
Favorite things: Everyone's warmth
Homeland: a Diamond Cross Tower in Snow Land
Age: 0 yo (birthday August 8th)***
Height: 9 eggs tall.

* The name consists of 4 kanji:
   素 (principle, also from their radio show, su no woman/suno manma)
   能 (from 芸能 entertainment)
   玉 (egg)
   雪 (snow)
**pun from "Lock on"
***The video was posted in March 2019, so 2020 is supposed to be the 2nd birthday, I think?

I hope they get to celebrate Tamayuki-chan's birthday as well as their debut announcement safely!

[20200130] Su No Manma

Members present: Abe Ryohei, Fukazawa Tatsuya, Miyadate Ryota

The continuation to Abe-chan reckless driving saga. Man decides to step up and explains what happened xD

Abe-chan started the story saying that when he opened the rental car door, all of the seats has been seated and only the driver seat is empty. Problem is, he only got his driving license recently at that time. To reach their destination, they need to go to through a highway, but Abe-chan only ever drove in the simulated highway.

Date-sama explains that just like cinderella's shoes only fit cinderella, at the time, only "Ryohei" can fit the driver seat.

Abe-chan then continues his story and said that while driving, Shota keeps pushing from behind, whining that he press the brake too slow. Then, when they have to choose the two lines in an intersection, the vote was 2:2 because Fukka decided to sleep, so he didn't know where to go.

After the (chaotic) story-time is over, Fukka then asked if Abe-chan driving is better now. Abe-chan said that since he didn't drive lately, he probably going back into becoming a lousy driver, but the one thing that he question is that why did they choose him to be the driver at that time. Fukka then said that the first time Abe-chan drove IRL was to drive Snow Man and Abe-chan said that it does not need to be like that and it would be better to have Shota and Hikaru whose a better driver at that time to drive. Fukka answered that they did that to increase Abe-chan's driving skill.
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[2011????] Hot Snow Behind The Scene

Members present: Abe Ryohei, Sakuma Daisuke

Q&A from Hot Snow Behind the scene! Abe-chan had to answer as many question as possible in 30 seconds:

Music genre that you listen? J-Pop
Senior you look up to? Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
Member you communicate the most within the group? Sanada Yuma (7Orders)
Most childish member in the group? Fukka
Girl outfit that you like? uniform
Fetish you have? pupil
Your recent obsession? guitar
The first luxurious item? watch
Words that you like the most? "Limited Edition"

Sakuma and Abe-chan then continue discussing his answers. Abe-chan communicate the most with Sanada because he knew him since he was a little child. Abe-chan joined J&A just a little after Sanada and he taught Abe-chan how to dance properly.

Abe-chan fetish is pupil, since according to him, it feels like a window to the soul. Sakuma think that answer is so cool and was envious, he wished he could answer his part like Abe-chan did.

His obsession at the time was guitar but he only knew a little as much as do-re-mi.

It is SO cute T-T those baby cheeks T-T. Also, his answer really doesn't change much if you compare that to Snow Man's 10 questions 10 answers on youtube.

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[20200325] それSnow Manにやらせて下さい

Members present: everyone, but I only translated some parts.... adding it when more is available~

It's Snow Man first crown television program! This was the episode 0 for SoreSuno, the series will air every Friday on a Japan streaming platform, Paravi.

The first episode follows their quest to go find the most delicious water in Japan. They went in pair: Hikaru-Abe, Shota-Date, Fukka-Raul, Koji-Meme, and Sakuma went alone.

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[200327] Su No Manma

Members present: Iwamoto Hikaru, Fukazawa Tatsuya, Abe Ryohei

The show started with Hikaru, Fukka, and Abe-chan tried to find a name for the combination, but somehow they wanted to know how much possible combination that Snow Man member can make with 3 people. Abe-chan was using the combination formula and he calculated that there are 84 possible combinations. He mentioned that the formula is ”9C3" which baffled Hikaru and Fukka.

Abe then mentioned that he learned that in Math class while asking whether the other learn about it on their math class. Both Hikaru and Fukka said that they didn't. They both then asked why/what is the "C" means and Abe-chan answered that it is short for "combination".

The question is about their childhood dream. Abe-chan said that his dream when he was in 1st grade elementary school is to be an actor. He said because being an actor, you can live different kind of life and he is thankful thay his current job is similar to his childhood dream. Fukka said that he didn't even know the meaning of the word "actor" when he was in the elementary school. Hikaru said that Abe-chan sounds like a genius 😂.

They continued with Hikaru dream which was "Michael Jackson". Hikaru was mad at his friends mom that told him that he cannot become "Michael Jackson". Fukka then pronounce "Jackson" with kind of a strange accent and Hikaru tried to show him the correct pronounciation of "Michael Jackson". Abe-chan follow suit and it ended up being them pronouncing "Michael Jackson" and "Janet Jackson" randomly 😂.

The last is about Fukka childhood dream, he said that his dream when he was in 6th grade elementary school was quite boring. Fukka dream is to be a cook in a certain anime (some fan in twitter pointed out that the anime is anpanman and he actually wanted to be Uncle Jam). Fukka then said that his sister childhood dream is interesting. His sister dream when she was in kindergarden was to be a bear which prompted Abe-chan and Hikaru to laugh at it.

[200116] Su no Manma

Members present: Iwamoto Hikaru, Sakuma Daisuke, Miyadate Ryota.

(Not included in the clip) There was a question from a listener whose married to her childhood friend. The question was whether Snow Man has any love story with/related to childhood friendship.

Date-sama said that well, he currently has a childhood friend he's going to debut together with and it somehow feels like engagement to him. Sakuma also added that he and Kyomoto Taiga from SixTONES are also childhood friend. Hikaru then wondering how does these things happened 😂

Sakuma then asked Date-sama to reintroduce his childhood friend in Snow Man, in case there are new listeners who don't know about it. Date-sama answered "Watanabe Shota-kun" then they proceed to tell stories of Date-sama and Shota. They met when they were in kindergarten (yuri gumi class). He was about 3 years old when he first met Shota. Sakuma added that they also born in the same Hospital. It feels like destiny and Date-sama wondered whether they probably ever met in their previous life.

Yuri-gumi! They've been in the same kindergarten, dance class, being child dancer together, went to join Johnny's jr, then go to the same high school, university, and now debuting together. That is legendary status already! Sometimes I wonder if they ever spent a month in their life being completely apart ever since that fateful encounter when they were 3/4 years old?

I mean, going to kindergarten together means of course you meet everyday except weekends. Then, different elementary school, but same dance class. So, probably that's a once a week class, right? In the worst case, they can skip probably about 2 weeks at a time. By the time they enter middle school, they both became Johnny's jr.. There seems to be no gap in time where they could completely apart more than a month 🤔.

[200113] Deep Talk

Member present: actually, everyone, but I only do Abe Ryohei part.

The segment started with the introduction of 8 members of Snow Man with a question "what kind of jobs these people could have?"

Abe-chan is the first one being introduced. He simulates the way he spends his off day reading books. The book is about maths and the human body, I think. He said that he loves doing maths as it feels like solving a puzzle. He also being introduced as someone who is very intelligent, getting an academic excellence award that is given only to the top 3 from each faculty (he is from engineering and science faculty, informatics department) at Sophia University. He also being introduced as a certified weather forecaster and master graduate (from the same faculty). When being asked how far this achievement helps with his job, he said that it does not help that much, but, he's happy that it can help although just a little.



Abe-chan is a very interesting man. Choosing informatics over all other available majors is interesting. Moreover, he decides to take on a master degree in the same field. Apparently, his focus area is Human-Computer Interaction, which I believe will be a great help for Snow Man in the future, especially that they are actively doing youtube and Weibo. Although according to this article, his thesis is actually slightly away from the entertainment area but I think he shouldn't be afraid about wasting his hard-earned knowledge :").

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[200102] Shabekuri 007

Members present: all

The MC (Ueda) talks about how Abe-chan is a master degree graduate and a certified weather forecaster. He then asked whether the members have any story about Abe. Koji answered and said that they ask Abe about tomorrow's weather forecast, but his answer is always "cloudy" or "sunny". Ueda confirms it to Abe, and Abe said that it's just the timing. When Koji asked him about the weather, it's always the day before a cloudy or sunny day. 

Ueda then turns to Koji and said that his story is not impactful. Koji then added that Abe never tells the member if it's going to be rainy. When a rainy day comes, Abe is the only one who brings an umbrella. Ueda again asked Abe about it. Abe said that he always bring a folded umbrella in his bag just in case it rains. Prompting Ueda to scold Koji and said that he shouldn't debut.

The last sentence hurts! I hope Koji has won't take it to his heart about not debuting :( he deserves his debut...

Abe-Koji dynamic is so interesting! I guess it's because they are close in age. They always have things to quarrel about, but Koji considers Abe as his "mom" in Tokyo. Abe even booked a dentist appointment for Koji one time. 

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